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Terms And Conditions Of The Service


All fittings are by appointment only. It is essential to keep to the appointed time or inform us of delays or cancellations. We reserve the right to charge for missed appointments if no notice or less than 24 hours notice is given for cancellation.


Fitting Appointment Costs

Consultation fitting appointments charges range from £36.50 - £55 (costs vary based on location).

Fitting consultation appointments are carried out at either ReimaCreations Studio, customers’ homes or at the retail shop where the item was purchased.


Estimates and Pricing

Alteration and tailoring/dressmaking costs vary depending on the style and construction of the garment. We will provide a quote after fitting and pinning your garment. If for any reason, the cost change after the quote has been provided, we will confirm with the customer before carrying out any work. this could sometimes be due to some unseen construction elements of the garment.   


Deposits and Payment

Before we commence with any alteration work, we require a 50% deposit. The remaining balance including any new cost additions is required at collection or before dispatch and or delivery.


Completion of Alterations

A completion date is discussed and confirmed at the first initial consultation appointment. Subsequently if additional fitting appointments are required, this will be discussed and confirmed at the first or second fitting appointment. This will vary based on the nature and the complexity of the alterations/bespoke service required.


We are able to offer an Express Alterations Service based on staff capacity. The terms of this will need to be confirmed beforehand and this is subject to additional charges.


Uncollected Items & Disposal

Please note that any uncollected items may be sold or disposed of to cover our costs within six months of notice of collection, and/or a storage charge may be levied for late collections. 


Work Specification and Defects

A detailed description for each garment will be prepared by the fitting consultant, recording the customer’s measurements and garment alteration instructions (‘The Instructions’) agreed with you. You will receive a copy of ‘The Instructions’ document after the fitting which will be provided in hard copy or electronic format. 


Should a customer change their mind, ReimaCreations need to be informed as soon as possible to confirm the status of the agreed work. If the work has been commenced, the customer may still be charged for the amount of work done. If the work has been completed, the customer will be charged in full.


Upon completion of the work specified, the item is fully quality controlled, steamed, hung or packed. The customer is encouraged to try on the garment and check to make sure they are happy with the fit and quality of the work carried out. 


If the customer decides to have any further minor alterations based on the current alterations. This will be done at no extra cost within 14 days after the final fitting date. 


Any new alterations needed not originally specified, will be charged as a new alteration.


Any further alterations needed that were previously worked on but now needs further major alterations due to weight loss or gain will be charged as a new alteration. 


We cannot accept responsibility for any further or remedial alterations connected to the original work more than 14 days after collection and final settlement.

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